Meet Evosk

Airport-style check-in meets events in a compact and customizable full-service event kiosk.

Self-Service Event Check-In Kiosks

Your event entry is what attendees will see first. Give them an automated experience to view, verify, and edit their information with your event brand front and center.

What can Evoskdo?

With Evosk, attendees seamlessly flow from a modern and completely branded registration area to the event floor.

Branded Event Check-In

Whether arriving with a paper or mobile ticket or registering on site, check-in with Evosk does it all. Attendees can scan tickets or keyboard search for fast entry, and select or edit their information at their leisure. Brand the touchscreen for a customized interaction with your event theme.

Badge Printing

Skip the extra step of setting up a badge pickup area or hiring more staff. Attendees have all they need at the Evosk, keeping your check-in area free of congestion. Print on custom designed badges and use the retractable bar for access to branded lanyards within arm’s reach.

RFID for Event ROI

No detail or data goes unaccounted for when using RFID. Attendees pair their information on the RFID-enabled printed badge at the Evosk so you can gather the details you need from them. Quickly process check-ins at entry and control access levels via RFID readers on the event floor.

Let Evosk automate your check-in.

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